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Meet Sandy

Sandy is Vantage Appliances Inc. senior customer liaison. She brought valuable skills from her long service at Telus and more recently Trail Appliance. 

Sandy is one of those rare people who helps knit our team together.  

Meet Brandie

Brandie is Vantage Appliances Inc. longest serving employee. Currently  our office manager but that title does not do her justice. She is our “swiss army knife”, parts, customer liaison manager, office administration etc.  

Every company needs one and Brandie is ours.

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Meet Val

Val is one of Vantage Appliances Inc. co founders. She brings her long experience working as legal administrator. HR, accounting are just a few of the background elements that we used to found and grow Vantage Appliances Inc. 

Meet Doug

Doug brings a lifetime of service experience to Vantage Appliances Inc. A passionate proponent of the Alberta Appliance Service Technician apprenticeship program, he currently sits as a member of the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee. Doug was one, of a handful, of industry representatives who helped established the trade as a designated trade in the early 80’s. He believes that the current Alberta standards may well be the highest in North America. 

He founded Vantage Appliances Inc. to be Calgary’s foremost authority on the service and repair for the luxury appliance market. A firm believer in training, experience and parts backup. His nearly half century of service experience from small town to bom town Alberta, gives him a unique and unequaled position in the Appliance Service Industry.