EC 07 Error Code

EC 07

EC 07 error message display on a Sub-Zero

EC 07  (ERROR CODE 07)(the service indicator will also be flashing) message is a temperature sensor related error . Meaning the electronic control has detected the unit is reading  one  of the temperatures incorrectly. 

EC 07 error message is not considered a user repairable error. The good news is that most units can tolerate an EC 07 error and still continue to cool. 

What to do if EC 07 is displayed. 

  1. Clean the condenser. Especially if you have a second error code, EC 40 or EC 50.
  2. Monitor the fridge and freezer temperatures.
  3. If the condenser has been cleaned and temperatures are at or close to normal operating temperatures, turn the power off to the unit, wait a minute and restore power.
  4. If the EC 07 error comes back on, contact your Factory Certified Servicer for diagnosis.