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We are your Calgary home for Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove and Asko service.

Calgary and area provides a significant challenge to deliver a prompt, knowledge based service. We knew that in order to deliver on our promises we would only be able to service a select few brands. If you are the lucky owner of an Asko, Cove, Sub-Zero or Wolf product, and live in the Calgary area, we are here to look after you. 

We formed Vantage Appliances Inc. after being approached by the Sub-Zero Corporation. They were looking for a service company to service their brands exclusively here in the Calgary area. They had success with this service model in larger centers in the US and were looking to bring that to Canada, specifically Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Great service starts with good personnel. People function the best when can work in friendly open and inclusive work environment. We believe that we support our staff so they can support our clients. 

 We endeavor to support our employees’ goals inside and outside of the workplace.  We know that the well-rounded person has a wide variety of interests including family, community and social. 

Their perspective was simple to understand. The price point and quality of the product meant there was much less service and when you spread the service over a large group of servicers then very few were experienced enough to bring the level of service the factory was looking for. Not to mention that each servicer had other higher volume clients and did not necessarily feel too accountable to the niche Sub-Zero filled.
The company we worked for, at the time, was a dedicated fan of Sub-Zero. Still the thought of giving up other higher volume contracts to focus on Sub-Zero Wolf products, was never a serious thought.
We thought this an opportunity. This would allow us to carry and significant parts inventory. If you serviced multiple brands a semi-trailer truck could not carry the inventory you may need on a day-to-day basis. Technicians would see the product every day so would be able to provide service, backed by experience, backed by parts. As company wholly dedicated to a few brands the firm would be highly accountable to those brands.
Early in 2008 we started in home service working from a small office with the parts department neatly tucked in the trucks. Swiftly we outgrew our tiny space and expanded. In short order we had a parts storage area to augment our truck inventory. In 2014 we leased our first store front office space, built a parts department, a shop service area, a technician’s bull pen, coupled with an open concept front office. Our goal was to create a bright, friendly, inclusive environment that fostered communication. If you have any firsthand experience working in the service industry, you will know that it can be challenging. We felt that a space that was pleasant and as drama free as possible, would improve our service delivery, phone call to service call.
2019 found us once again looking for new space. We choose a location with good access to major thoroughfares. Expanded our service and parts area and held true to our principals that bright friendly, inclusive space was good for our staff and great for our customers. We added a training area to augment our in-house training commitment.
2021 has doubt brought new challenges for us all. We never dreamed of Covid protocols. Meeting the demands of keeping customers and staff as safe as possible, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction has caused us to adapt and change as never before. However, one of highest priorities has always been to meet our customers needs not just today or tomorrow but next year and for years going forward.

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