Vacuum Condenser Error Message

Vacuum Condenser

Sub-Zero control panel showing vacuum condenser error

Flashing vacuum condenser message is a run time error. Meaning the electronic control has detected the unit is running more than it should.

One thing that will cause a unit to be inefficient and run too much is a dirty condenser. Condenser cleaning should be done regularly.  In Calgary and area Vantage Appliances Inc. recommends at least once a year.

Instructions for cleaning condenser can be found in the use care manual that came with your fridge. Or call a Factory Certified Service company to clean your condenser.

What to do if the vacuum condenser light is flashing.

  1. Clean the condenser.
  2. Monitor the fridge and freezer temperatures.
  3. If the condenser has been cleaned and temperatures are at or close to normal operating temperatures, turn the unit off after a minute turn back on. The vacuum condenser light should be off.
  4. If the vacuum condenser light comes back on, call your Factory Certified Service for diagnosis.