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During this challenging time we are OPEN

Gloves, masks, booties, disposable counter covers. Floor coverings washed daily. Disinfectant wipes.
Dedicated Laundry Facilities
All protective washable product is washed daily.
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Yes, we are open for business. While it might be overstating it a bit, we believe we are essential service. Right now, our clients need their appliances. Food preservation, storage and preparation are critical to remain safe and healthy.

We have been hearing from many homes frustrated to learn they just can’t get service right now. While we are primarily a service provider for Sub-Zero, Wolf, Asko and Cove products we are looking into ways in which we can be of service, to an expanded range of products. We will not be able to offer the same level of service and warranty coverage Asko, Cove, Sub-Zero and Wolf customers enjoy. The availability for parts, service information technical support is not same as  with Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove and Asko.

If you need service, call or email. Give us make model, serial and we will try and help!

We are doing all that we can to provide service, safely and efficiently. The following are the steps we are taking today.

  1. Disposable gloves. A Vantage Appliances Inc policy since the first day of operation.
  2. Disposable shoe coverings(booties).
  3. Disposable counter coverings. Technicians are advised not to allow tools to come in contact with a customers’ unprotected surfaces.
  4. Disinfectant wiping of tools used between service appointments.
  5. Disinfectant wiping of service vehicle interiors regularly.
  6. Daily hot water washing of protective floor mats.
  7. Clean disinfected cotton face masks worn by our technicians in the home.
  8. Pre-Call screening to reduce the risk of providing service to home where Covid-19 may be a factor.
  9. Immediate bagging for disposal of all disposable gloves, “booties”, counter covers etc.
  10. Staggered start times. We have staggered start times of our technicians to minimize contact.
  11. Non-essential staff work from home. We have set up some of our customer liaison staff to be able to work from home.

We expect that our customers will do their part not to put at risk our staff or other customers. 

Based on current available information we believe we have appropriate measures in place. We may modify our protocols at any time as new information comes available.

We understand how much uncertainty Covid-19 has brought to the present and  the future. Please remember we will do all we can to be here,  provide the same high standard of service for our customers today, next week, next month, as long as we are needed it will be our goal to be OPEN.

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