Two Sides of the Same Coin


“LOOK I’M NOT PAYING FOR THIS REPAIR! It took too long. The repair man made several trips to breaker panel, finally pulled the oven out of the wall, fiddled in behind it. The problem was not even with the oven! I met someone in the hall who said he probably did not know what he was doing.”  

We purchased a new oven which only worked about 12 days out of 15 months, we had the supplier’s repairperson attempt to fix it once, the Brand company attempt to fix it twice, all of who insinuated that it may be our electrical outlet, but weren’t sure. A master electrician checked our outlet and attempted to diagnose the problem without luck. 

Covid19 without a stove/oven was challenging. After speaking to Vantage Appliances, they were happy to send someone to diagnose our problem. Doug from Vantage Appliances not only diagnosed our problem, went above and beyond to fix the electrical problem and as a bonus, offered to straighten our 15 month old refrigerator door. Doug/Vantage was extremely professional, took extreme safe care of us and himself regarding Covid19 safety precautions. We will always choose Vantage Appliances Inc. over any other repair company and strongly recommend Vantage every time!!! Thank You Doug & Vantage Appliances!!” 

Both customers had similar problems. Both had a Vantage Appliances Inc. technician out to repair the fault. One wrote a nice review the other was angrily unhappy. 

The first example the customers oven was up and running in forty-five minutes, on the very first trip. Our opinion the technician followed company protocol to the letter and considering the built-in oven was in high rise condo building, requiring security clearance to gain access, the technician completed the repair in record time. A less accountable technician could have said “There is nothing wrong with your oven. The fault is in the power supply to the oven.” Collected for the service call and left the customer to start a journey like our second example. Instead went back through security got the equipment necessary to safely remove the oven, then locate the faulty connection, repair it, restore the power, reinstall the oven, then run the oven diagnostics to make sure no hidden issues remained. Training, tools, equipment, process. Check, check, check, check.

Satisfied customer………………………………….. Fail. 

Our second example the customer was understandably desperate after a parade of technicians and months of a non-functioning product. Vantage Appliances Inc does not usually provide service to this customer’s brand, but they were so desperate we decided to make an exception.  Previous technicians were correct, even though one put in a new electronic oven control, there was no fault with the oven. The fault was in wiring connection behind the range and well within a technicians scope to repair.  

It proves, yet again, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is based on perception and experience. Unless you are aware of those perceptions and experiences you might just want to hold on to any self-congratulatory pat on the back. After all it is really two sides of the same coin.  


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